Color Proud Council

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Our Mission

The overall mission of the Gap Inc. Color Proud Council is to increase the bottom line through embedding diversity and inclusion. The Color Proud Council implements strategies to impact both product and customer experience, which support the tenets of Customer Belonging. Color Proud Council focuses on all areas of diversity including (but not limited to) gender, race, ethnicity, body type, sexual orientation, age, religion, gender and those with disabilities.​

Our Objectives

  • PRODUCT: Educate, influence and empower the cross-functional teams to create product for all, with all. Drive inclusion throughout the product lifecycle by sharing inclusive strategies, instituting pipeline checks-and-balances and providing tools/resources that support more inclusive product decisions across all brands.​
  • EXPERIENCE: Ensure that every customer touchpoint is approached through an inclusive lens. Amplify our store, online and social experiences to be welcoming and inclusive to the broadest representation of our customers.

Our Inclusive Impact

How Gap Inc's company-wide diversity and inclusion council is driving sales

A group of 45 Gap Inc. employees, called the Color Proud Council, is taking diversity and inclusion head-on at the company, overhauling how all of its seven brands market, merchandise and hire to have a new focus on inclusivity. So far, it’s working to drive sales.
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Product is Power

Gap Inc. Newsroom
As we continue our journey to "Create For All, With All" across our brands, we are dedicated to ensuring that all products and customer experiences are designed with inclusion in mind. This means not just offering momentary product launches or campaigns but creating an evergreen approach to driving inclusivity within our entire product-to-market process (from concept through to in-store and online). As we chart our path to fostering a sense of belonging for all who shop our brands, the collections below are a fantastic reflection of our industry's future – making sure all customers, no matter who they are, feel seen and valued throughout the pipeline.
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BR Q&A: Color Proud Council Co-Founder Bahja Johnson on True Hues

The Journal by Banana Republic
The Color Proud Council is Gap Inc.’s first product inclusion initiative—with the mission of bringing diversity and inclusivity to the forefront of every step of the process. The Council played a key role in bringing True Hues to life, so we went straight to the source. To get the scoop on the making of True Hues, we sat down with Color Proud Council co-founder Bahja Johnson.  
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Meet The Woman Changing The Diversity And Inclusion Status Quo At Gap Inc.

Meet Bahja Johnson, the Director of Banana Republic Global Merchandising and a dynamic retail professional with demonstrated success devising innovative category strategies that improve financial performance, increase market share, and deliver exceptional product to the customer. She began her career at Gap Inc. in 2012 as part of the company’s prestigious Rotational Management Program, and has advanced throughout her time there in various merchandising roles. In her current role at Banana Republic, Johnson leads omni-channel product assortment strategies across multiple departments within the Men’s merchandising organization.  
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