Creating for All, With All

When you decide that inclusion isn’t optional, not only do the gaps between us close, but a whole new world of possibilities opens.


Three Banana Republic store employees

Our People Data

We can’t succeed without the exceptional people who make our company what it is today. To understand where we have room to improve, we're measuring our progress. Learn more about Gap Inc.’s global gender and U.S. racial and ethnic representation data. We report on this data annually in our ESG report.

An Update On Our Progress

We believe passionately in the power fashion has in creating greater social justice. Our annual ESG report represents our unwavering commitment to transparency and driving meaningful dialogue across the industry. Sharing stories builds empathy, disrupts harmful rhetoric, and turns statistics and headlines into real people. This is what drives tangible change and improved outcomes.

Looking back to 2020, we stood as one as the depth of systemic racism in our society was unearthed once again. Many companies, like Gap Inc., acted quickly and with intention to eliminate discrimination and harassment inside and outside of our business. But, it was crucial that these commitments weren’t a knee-jerk reaction, but evidence that the fashion industry – with all its financial strength and influence – was intent on tackling inequality in all forms.  Although there is much to do, progress is being made.  

Reflecting on the last year, we remain positive that our commitments are the foundation for a more sustainable way of working. We acknowledge tackling the root causes of inequity is a long, committed journey, but we’re excited to see our work bear fruit this year. We know that diversity and inclusion must remain fundamental to everything we do and be met with increased speed, efficiency, and accountability. We are optimistic that change is on the horizon.

Our Commitments

We can – and we will – do more to be a force for good and break down the centuries-old systems that have held back our Black and Brown communities. Take a look at our commitments and progress to drive systemic change and enable a culture of belonging for our teams, customers, and future generations.

Our Employees

Transparency: To increase transparency, accelerate progress and contribute to industry learnings, we will continue to publish our annual Equality & Belonging Report, inclusive of global gender and U.S. race and ethnicity people data for Headquarters and Store levels.

Representation: We will double the representation of Black and Latinx employees at all levels in our U.S. headquarters offices by 2025 to mirror our customers. We will place a particular focus on functions that make and market our products to ensure we are creating for all, with all. We also plan to increase representation of Black employees by 50% in our store leader roles in the U.S. by 2025.

Gender and Racial Pay Equity: Starting this year, we’ll have an independent external firm complete a multi-factor assessment including race/ethnicity and gender every two years.

Our Customers

Create for All, With All: Our brands will build and expand initiatives to create dedicated inclusion strategies across product and customer experience, with a particular focus on Black and diverse consumers, designers and artists. The brands will partner with our internal product inclusion council, the Color Proud Council, to ensure diverse voices and inclusive practices are represented throughout the creative pipeline. 

Amplify Black Voices: We’ll thoughtfully and intentionally find ways to amplify diverse voices in our creative and marketing. This means featuring and working with more Black and Latinx producers, artists and activists in future campaigns and commercial spots.

Online and Store Experiences: We’ll continue to find ways to foster a sense of belonging and allyship through ongoing initiatives and anti-racism training for our employees that extends to our customers and demonstrates our commitment to inclusive service and being Open to All.

Our Communities

Civic Engagement: To help ensure greater civic participation in our elections, we will continue to invest in education and awareness initiatives to help our employees and customers register and exercise their right to vote.

Access and Pipeline: We will achieve and retain diverse representation in our pipeline and entry-level programs by expanding our reach and deepening our existing partnerships with organizations, creating equal access to careers in retail. Additionally, we will create new pipelines with a concerted effort to increase our representation of Black talent.