Equality & Belonging Groups

Fostering an inclusive culture where employees feel a deep sense of belonging and community has been our priority since the formation of our first Equality & Belonging Group (EBG) over 15 years ago. Our EBGs play a pivotal part with driving towards our Create for All, with All commitments.  We continue to invest in the evolution and growth of these groups to grow our community of allies, cultivate meaningful employee experiences, and amplify diverse voices to better inform our business practices and decisions.

Our Co-Chairs, along with the support of their Executive Sponsors and Senior Leaders across the organization, support our groups to create community and connectivity for our employees, that extends to how we show up for our customers, and positively impacts the communities we serve - all driving our goal of Gap Inc. being the most inclusive company in the world! 

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API@Gap Inc. 

Our mission is to support and empower all marginalized communities at Gap Inc. with a specific focus on the equality and belonging of our extended Asian community (South Asian, South East Asian, East Asian, Asian Pacific Islander, Afro-Asian, Asian American, and beyond.) Our goal is to foster a space for career growth, community growth, and professional development for employees that we may celebrate internally and project outward. 


BLACK@Gap Inc.

Our mission is to celebrate and empower the Black and African American community at Gap Inc. by providing a safe space for employees to be their authentic self, support professional development, inform business initiatives, and influence diversity and culture that is reflective of our communities.


HOLA@Gap Inc.

Our mission is to empower our Latinx employees at Gap Inc. to influence our business and make a positive impact in our community. We support members by creating meaningful networking opportunities, identifying creative ways to impact our business and celebrating our shared heritage. 



Our mission is to help working parents and caregivers thrive at Gap Inc.  We do this by providing resources, support, and connections so our members can be their best selves – at work and at home. 


PRIDE@Gap Inc.

Our mission is to cultivate a culture of inclusivity and allyship throughout Gap Inc. for the LGBTQ+ community.  This includes building community for our employees and investing in their personal and professional development, creating awareness and business integration, and supporting external partners with community outreach. 



Our mission is to provide a soft landing spot for all Gap Inc. veterans and their families. We will foster an inclusive culture across the organization by engaging, supporting and advocating for the military community. Our goal is to provide access to resources, education and community outreach opportunities that encourage awareness and promote continued military heritage at Gap Inc. 


WOMEN@Gap Inc.

Our mission is to provide career resources for women and allies at all levels, make meaningful connections across the company, empower each other, learn about overcoming workplace barriers, and educate Gap Inc. on the challenges and opportunities women face in the workplace. 

Hear from our Members

A sense of belonging is always in style. Hear from members of our EBGs on the importance of diversity and inclusion both inside and outside the workplace.  

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Mark Breitbard

President & CEO Global Gap Brand, Franchise, Strategic Alliances & Licensing 

“Working with the Equality & Belonging Groups, the Color Proud Council, and our greater Equality & Belonging Team has taken something that felt like the right thing to do and made it a business critical opportunity. This experience has brought me much closer to the teams and their stories, and that has made me a better leader and manager.”

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Rachael Kennedy

Incoming VETERANS@Gap Inc. Leader

“As an EBG member, I am passionate about bringing a sense of belonging to the business. I recently joined Talent Acquisition, focusing on inclusive hiring to attract and hire more Veterans at Gap Inc. I tell candidates, that our Inclusive, By Design mission is not just an excellent tagline; it’s something that truly connects our teams and what brings me to work every day I look forward to highlighting Veterans and their families in a new way; developing an inclusive network who can relate to each other, learn from one another and build meaningful relationships.” 


Carrie's shot

Carrie Thomas

Former BLACK@Gap Inc. Leader

"I am a Black woman. Therefore, my experiences and background are different from the majority. This includes my hair, my body, my expressions and more. I want my authenticity to be celebrated and embraced. If more embrace individual differences, we would eliminate the societal expectations around workplace environments.  Leading an EBG s allowed me to grow my professional and personal network within my own community while pouring into others. I wouldn't be here without other Black leaders who cared about my development, so I wanted to provide the same support to others.”


Timm's shot

Timm  Zywna

PRIDE@Gap Inc. Leader

“Growing up gay and not feeling accepted inspired me to help others who are underserved, disregarded, ostracized, harassed, persecuted, or sidelined. I place high value on honoring what makes each person unique and believe we gain greater wisdom when we work with others with different backgrounds, cultures, talents, and experiences. Leading PRIDE@Gap Inc. afforded me the opportunity to magnify our inclusive values, amplify voices of PRIDE family members, foster community and connections, and grow my leadership capabilities in the process. Bringing an intentional, values-driven approach has deepened the sense of responsibility to persevere when obstacles arise or when charting new territory - applicable to additional roles and aspect of my life!"

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